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I have been away for quite some time. I was working on another aspect of my life which is teaching. I am back. And slowly, I will be blogging again. I missed this so much, this other world of mine. I did not give up…I just gathered more strength and inspirations. 🙂 I so love life! Thank you, Lord!

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Excuse Me, Please Mind Your Grammars!

Most of a virtual assistant’s work is dependent on written communication. And communication is usually in English since it is considered as the universal language. Hence, most articles are written in English.


Communicating in English is quite a big job for non-native English writers. With a language as complex as English, anyone can commit mistakes or grammar lapses. And mind you, even native English speakers or writers have grammar mistakes. It means that everyone if not all, needs to write carefully and watch how words are formed into a sentence.

How well do you know your grammar? The following are grammatically wrong sentences. Rewrite the sentences to make it grammatically correct. I tried. I had fun. Why don’t you try and have fun, too? Then let’s compare answers.

1. If I was you, I would all vote Fred.
2. I’m sorry you have made a mistake!
3. He’s been eating chicken 4 times this week.
4. Learning Russian is as difficult than learning German.
5. I wonder what did she do this past weekend.
6. At this point in time we can’t ascertain the reason as to why the screen door was left open.
7. You needn’t arrive before 9 next Friday.
8. He took care of pay the bills last weekend.
9. My sister, who is employed as a nutritionist at the University of Michigan, recommends the daily intake of megadoses of Vitamin C.
10. Unless he studies, he won’t pass the exam!
11. Why are your hands dirty? – Oh, I’ve been working in the garden.
12. They let their children stay up late on Saturday evenings.
13. He had already eaten by the time I arrived.
14. She needs three new pieces of office equipments.
15. Dr. Roberts are mentioned that 60% of unemployed respondents fear of losing they’re homes.

Below are my attempts to rewrite the above sentences.
1. If I were you, I would vote for Fred.
2. I am sorry. You have made a mistake.
3. He has eaten chicken 4 times this week.
4. Learning Russian is as difficult as learning German.
5. I wonder what she did this past weekend.
6. At this point in time, we can’t ascertain the reason why the screen door was left open.
7. You don’t need to arrive before 9 next Friday.
8. He took care of paying the bills last weekend.
9. My sister, a nutritionist at the University of Michigan, recommends the daily intake of Vitamin C.
10. Unless he studies, he will not pass the exam.
11. Why are your hands dirty? Oh, I am working in the garden.
12. They let their children stay up late on Saturdays.
13. He had eaten already by the time I arrive.
14. She needs three new pieces of office equipment.
15. Dr. Roberts mentioned that 60% of unemployed respondents fear of losing their homes.

How did you fare? Grammar mistakes are opportunities to make better. Just write, then edit and you will come a long way. Cheers!

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How to be an Indispensable Virtual Assistant


courtesy of ehow.com

courtesy of ehow.com


What is a team? A team is said to have more than one person in it. It is a company of two or more people working together. The members do not work individually. Thus, members are called team members because of the need to do things together.

A team has a goal to achieve. This is the reason why a team member is needed. The success of the team is dependent on its team members. Is a virtual assistant a team member? Definitely.

The role of a virtual assistant is not only to carry out instructions. An indispensable virtual assistant is one who walks side by side with his client. He takes a proactive role. He is willing to take the risk or go for an extra mile for the sake of the team’s goal. .

courtesy of 123rf.com

courtesy of 123rf.com


The client and the virtual assistant are considered a team. They are on equal footing. VAs need to communicate what needs to be done or clarified. He is not just a “yes” person but someone who speaks his mind.

Vince Lombardi, an American coach, once said, “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work”. Well stated. Commitment turn into action makes an indispensable online professional.

Become THE team member now!

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Congratulations to Me!

jake's diploma

Graduation – a child’s joy, a mother’s pride.

Pride. That’s how I felt. It was a heavenly feeling. I knew it was coming but it still brought amazing feelings. My child has ended one phase in his school life and will soon have another beginning.
Getting a diploma is a big deal in one’s life. Thus, graduating with honors and awards is twice a blessing and a joy. My child finally did. And he did with flying colors.

Graduation – a time for reflection, a time for joy.

I am a single mom who unceasingly strived to survive what life has given. I have always compared it to a roller coaster ride. Literally, I would scream my troubles away. It was helping alright. But the real help was always faith in God above. Each minute of my life, God was with me, faithful to me no matter what.

Graduation – an ending and a beginning.

Here’s to the next chapter in my child’s life. It will be more challenging, more interesting and more rewarding as well. Just have to do the best you can as you enjoy life. As for me, you need not worry.

For every challenge on your way, I am your guide. For each interesting aspect of your life, I am here to cheer you on. For all your triumphs, I am with you in each celebration.

With gratitude, I guess it is right to say, congratulations to me!


Thank You 191!

Yehey! What a joy! Can you feel it? Forgive my overwhelming expression of happiness. I just can’t contain this elation. Let me tell you why.

In exactly one month after I published my blog, it had a total of 191 views. This is truly amazing for a newbie like me. Others might find this shallow. Maybe others had more views. But for me, this is momentous. A milestone to be cherished.

I wasn’t expecting my blog to have more views this early on. Much more “like” the blog except for my close friends. But, boy, oh, boy! I got 191 views and some comments. What was truly fun and exciting for me was receiving a “thank you” or words of acknowledgement from other bloggers. And they were not just bloggers. Their blogs have substance. Reading through their blogs were inspiring and educational.

Wait there’s more! I also got “followed”. Isn’t that wonderful? Oh yeah! I am all smiles as I am writing this. My blog site turned one. And it has 191 views. Gee! It seems like I have a thing with number one.

To all the bloggers who brought me joy and inspiration, a big thanks! A toast to a better blog site! Happy Monthsary blog site! Cheers!

my site's one month stat record

my site’s one month stat record


Keywords, Keywords, Keywords….When is too much?

In writing articles, keywords play an important role . An article is said to be outstanding or popular when it highlights a certain keyword. Keywords determine how the article will fair in the search engines. How to do that? Check out these three points to consider in using keywords effectively.

courtesy of search-marketing-news-and-information.blogspot.com

courtesy of search-marketing-news-and-information.blogspot.com

Magnetic Headlines
A woman with an attractive face builds male curiosity, doesn’t she? Same with headlines. Great headlines are appealing to the reader’s curiosity. It makes them check on the article and see what it has to offer.
Entice the readers. Do it with attractive headlines. Search engines detect the ranking of an article through its headline. So, make sure that your keyword is written on the headline but written in a way that the reader can’t ignore it.

Be Focused
If you want to be a good article writer, you must know how to keep your article concentrated in one subject or topic. What is it that you really want your readers to understand? You might have lots of keywords in your article but the reader can’t grasp what you are talking about. Then you failed to give the essence of your article .

An effective use of keywords does not mean that you can just insert the keywords in any way you can. Content matters to the readers. And great writers find ways on how to insert the keywords without making the article sham. Great articles are natural even when keywords are shown many times.

Keyword Density
It is true that the an article must show the keywords frequently. But then a great writer ensures that there is enough keywords stated. Inserting the keyword naturally will add worth to your article.
Experts agree that the keyword density must not be more than three percent on an article. Use keywords in the body of the article in moderation. So, let’s say you have 500 words per article, three percent of that is fifteen. Then, in the article, the keywords must be mentioned for fifteen times only. More than fifteen keywords per 500 word article is an overkill.

Some article writers go crazy inserting keywords to ensure the ranking in search engines. Ranking do matters but overdoing it loses the article’s value. Remember that keyword is just one means of determining ranking. Readers can tell valuable articles, too. Article with substance keeps the readers coming back. Don’t you think so?

Enough keywords make sense.

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Why I Love Forrest Gump

courtesy of wallsave.com

courtesy of wallsave.com

Movies are the cheapest forms of relaxation. Movies of all kinds bring some kind of comfort. Through movies, one can see a view of how other places look like. It can widen one’s horizon about any topics. It evokes feelings and compassion. It encourages the mind to analyze and continue to wonder.

When it comes to movies, English films top my lists. I love the sound of their dialogues. It can help me in improving English communication skills. Real cool, isn’t it? I love the way climatic scenes were presented. And story keeps me guessing till the end. I have seen a lot of movies but Forrest Gump is my all time favorite.

Forrest Gump is a movie about a man who was diagnosed with an IQ of a moron. Despite of this, her mother loved and cared for him dearly that she even had to offer herself to the School Head just to allow him study in the University. Forrest Gump was portrayed by Tom Hanks. The role of the mother was portrayed by Sally Fields. Both of them gave justice to their roles.

I so love the movie because it was a romantic-comedy drama. I love its humour. Forrest Gump was so amusing in many scenes. I just couldn’t stop laughing when he played football and ran with the ball all the way out of the field. Just with the command, “Run, Forrest, run!”, he will so naively follow and this trait of him even made himself a hero.

It was a love story. One was that of the mother for her son. She supported her son through and through. She continued to encourage him and made him believe that he can do many things. Her words and warmth of a mother were the strength of her son.

Then, there was the son’s love for his mother. He listened to her mother and believed everything she said. Her words were his guiding light and wisdom. The last but not the least was the love of a simple brained man for a woman he admired since childhood. Sadly, this woman he loved so dearly could not reciprocate as expected. Naïve as he was, he continued to shower her with adulation and kindness. Such unconditional love he had for her.

The movie walked me through different eras as Forrest Gump made his way to adulthood until he got a chance to work in the army. I saw a glimpse of the hippie era, the effects of war and what changed it has brought to people. But still, it has not changed Forrest Gump. Even when he made a fortune out of the shrimps business that he made promise to a dying comrade and best friend. He remained the innocent, naĂŻve, unassuming man that he was. Yet, he was full of wisdom.

“Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you will get” was the famous line I loved in the movie. So true!

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Invest in Yourself!

Someone once said that anything that is beautiful takes time in becoming. How true! The most amazing things don’t happen in an instant. A rainbow comes out usually after a rain. The caterpillars endure days in a cocoon before they become mesmerizing butterflies. It takes nine months for a mother to bear the pain and inconveniences before a beautiful soul is born into this world.

credits to careerealism.com

credits to careerealism.com

Just like a great personality. It does not come quickly. It was molded and reinforced through time. As stated by Christiane Holbrook, the founder of Sacred VA Institute, one can develop one’s personality through a constant and continuous effort. She said reading good books is a key to personality development. She encourages everyone to grab the chance to read kindle books given freely on Amazon. com. I learned from her, too, that being a virtual assistant also needs a well developed personality.

The work entails a different kind of pressure. Dealing with clients whom you meet only on virtual basis is in need of personalities with high emotional quotient. One has to learn to be assertive without being aggressive. It takes practice to do the best approach in any situation. Learning to speak up is a skill. An endearing virtual assistant not only delivers work but puts value into the work output.

Real beauty takes time. Virtual Assistants should give time for self development. Invest in yourself. Let your personality shine. Be a virtual assistant with a substance. Enhance the VA in you. It pays!

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Dream On!

My Blog Stat

My Blog Stat

I feel good! How great it is to be appreciated and acknowledged. My wordpress site is only 25 days old and more than a hundred took time to visit it. Some even liked it. This is not bragging but I just want to share the joy I have. Putting up a blogsite is a dream to me. And this dream is coming true.

When I was younger, I watched a movie where in one of the main characters sang a song that endeared me. I have learned the song and memorized the lyrics. The lyrics say, “There are dreams that come from sorrow. There are dreams that come from pride. There are dreams that by tomorrow, we forget or set aside. So if you will keep on dreaming and believing what you see. So when life bears down upon you, it is the dream that sets you free”. I remember singing this unceasingly to the disgust of my siblings. They later joined me in singing it.

Since childhood, I am already a dreamer. I have big dreams. These dreams may take time to manifest. But what matters now is that I continue to dream. Dreams do come true, it can happen to me and you.

Keep on dreaming!

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courtesy of littleduckies.wordpress.com

courtesy of littleduckies.wordpress.com

My perspective about work has changed when I became a solo parent. It was a tough life juggling between parenting and earning a living. I wanted to be 101% hands on with the upbringing of my child but then being in the workplace and at home at the same time was just tough. I ended up harassed and frustrated.

I have been searching for years of any alternative work wherein I don’t need to leave my child and miss his growing up years. I did the best solution that I could get when the work at home idea was elusive during his toddler years. Thank God! Work at home opened its doors to me.

Working at home empowers mothers like me. It serves most of the needs of a family.  The most positive benefit of working at home is giving quality time, being there for all reasons. Being at home gives more time for me to see my child grow and supervise him with his needs.

I realized it is less stressful, too. Hurrying up to commute to work and rushing to come home is one big stress factor. There is no traffic; no strict dress codes to follow. This is one best reason to smile about when you’re working at home.

It pays well. I learned from seasoned WAHM that it can pay bills. What more can I say? Being productive is compensated appropriately. One’s skills and abilities decide for the compensation. Moreover, one can get a chance to collaborate with foreign clients. That is the challenge! It sure is great to work with someone from another location or country through internet access. Amazing, isn’t it?

The atmosphere is different in work at home jobs. No one is a boss. Both are working collaboratively. This means each contributes to the achievement of a project. You and the client work side by side. The client’s business is also your business.

Being an indispensable global team member, you have a say on how the business will go. Speaking your thoughts aloud is most welcome. The same is true with the compensation. Because you matter in the team and you contribute to the success of the business, you have a say how much you want to be paid. Sounds fair, isn’t it?

Work at home seems cool for me. It feeds all my needs. It makes me sing “what a wonderful world!”.