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Why hire Filipino VAs?

on March 4, 2013


Courtesy of footage.shutterstock.com

Courtesy of footage.shutterstock.com

Why Hire Filipino VA’s?

There are many virtual assistants from all over the world.

Some are technologically savvy. Others are outstanding with their communication skills. Some are inexpensive. Others are so extravagant.

There are many VA’s to choose from. The internet is abundant with truly great VA’s. But why hire a Filipino VA?

First and foremost reason is because I am a Filipino. I am proud to be one. So please indulge me. 
1. Filipino VA’s are flexible.
An ad was posted for a VA work but it requires working from a graveyard shift. For the Filipino VAs, this is not a hindrance. They will not hesitate to change shift so as to meet the requirements. As long as it is necessary, Filipinos adjust. If more time is required, they will do so accordingly.

2. Filipino VA’s are reliable.
They never stop doing their best until the job is done. Their effort is amazing. For Filipinos, a client deserves the best. They know that a happy and satisfied client contributes to their own happiness. If the work requirement is only for two hours a day, the Filipino VA does not mind working more than what is required just to ensure quality output.

3. Filipino VA’s are smart.
Synonymous to smart are the descriptions sharp, clever, quick, stylish, and elegant. A project entrusted in their hands will be given utmost care. They find ways to give the best output possible.

It also means they are people smart. Some observed that most Filipino VAs are timid and afraid to speak up. True! But I find this as strength. To be soft spoken when you know your worth is a character. It means that they know when to speak and when to keep silent.

4. Filipino VA’s are competent.
They shine in any field they choose to conquer just like virtual assistance jobs. If the client needs VAs with technical knowledge and expertise, Filipinos are techie. If they want VAs who can write and speak English well, the Filipinos are noted to be best in English communication skills among non-English speaking nations. With their talents and skills, they are productive and efficient.

5. Filipino VA’s work with their heart.
Most importantly, the best reason why you should hire a Filipino is that they work with their heart. They give until it hurts. Filipino VAs “feel” for their clients. The client’s business is their business, too. They treat it like their own. They make their clients an important part of their life.

Filipino VAs are just a cut above the rest. And I quote David H. Harwell, Ph.D. “…it is Filipinos who do all the work and make everything happen”.


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