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on March 14, 2013
courtesy of littleduckies.wordpress.com

courtesy of littleduckies.wordpress.com

My perspective about work has changed when I became a solo parent. It was a tough life juggling between parenting and earning a living. I wanted to be 101% hands on with the upbringing of my child but then being in the workplace and at home at the same time was just tough. I ended up harassed and frustrated.

I have been searching for years of any alternative work wherein I don’t need to leave my child and miss his growing up years. I did the best solution that I could get when the work at home idea was elusive during his toddler years. Thank God! Work at home opened its doors to me.

Working at home empowers mothers like me. It serves most of the needs of a family.  The most positive benefit of working at home is giving quality time, being there for all reasons. Being at home gives more time for me to see my child grow and supervise him with his needs.

I realized it is less stressful, too. Hurrying up to commute to work and rushing to come home is one big stress factor. There is no traffic; no strict dress codes to follow. This is one best reason to smile about when you’re working at home.

It pays well. I learned from seasoned WAHM that it can pay bills. What more can I say? Being productive is compensated appropriately. One’s skills and abilities decide for the compensation. Moreover, one can get a chance to collaborate with foreign clients. That is the challenge! It sure is great to work with someone from another location or country through internet access. Amazing, isn’t it?

The atmosphere is different in work at home jobs. No one is a boss. Both are working collaboratively. This means each contributes to the achievement of a project. You and the client work side by side. The client’s business is also your business.

Being an indispensable global team member, you have a say on how the business will go. Speaking your thoughts aloud is most welcome. The same is true with the compensation. Because you matter in the team and you contribute to the success of the business, you have a say how much you want to be paid. Sounds fair, isn’t it?

Work at home seems cool for me. It feeds all my needs. It makes me sing “what a wonderful world!”.


5 responses to “WAHM Is It!

  1. yes, most moms wouldn’t want to miss how their kids grow everyday. Like me, I’d do everything to gain a career online just to make sure I earn while being with them. Good luck to us. 🙂

  2. :stEryn ** says:

    Agree. I enjoy reading your blog as a mother of a year old son.. how I wish I could now find home based job still struggling to find the right one for me 😦 Good luck indeed!

    • callmerooh says:

      Thanks Steryn! In due time, you will find the best home job for you. There are many opportunities online. Go for it. And while you are searching for the right one for you, take time to enhance your skills. What do you want doing the most? List them down to guide you. Your wants will empower you to take the leap. Good luck to us! 🙂

  3. :stEryn ** says:

    I did. thank you 🙂

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