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Dream On!

on March 27, 2013
My Blog Stat

My Blog Stat

I feel good! How great it is to be appreciated and acknowledged. My wordpress site is only 25 days old and more than a hundred took time to visit it. Some even liked it. This is not bragging but I just want to share the joy I have. Putting up a blogsite is a dream to me. And this dream is coming true.

When I was younger, I watched a movie where in one of the main characters sang a song that endeared me. I have learned the song and memorized the lyrics. The lyrics say, “There are dreams that come from sorrow. There are dreams that come from pride. There are dreams that by tomorrow, we forget or set aside. So if you will keep on dreaming and believing what you see. So when life bears down upon you, it is the dream that sets you free”. I remember singing this unceasingly to the disgust of my siblings. They later joined me in singing it.

Since childhood, I am already a dreamer. I have big dreams. These dreams may take time to manifest. But what matters now is that I continue to dream. Dreams do come true, it can happen to me and you.

Keep on dreaming!


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