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Invest in Yourself!

on March 27, 2013

Someone once said that anything that is beautiful takes time in becoming. How true! The most amazing things don’t happen in an instant. A rainbow comes out usually after a rain. The caterpillars endure days in a cocoon before they become mesmerizing butterflies. It takes nine months for a mother to bear the pain and inconveniences before a beautiful soul is born into this world.

credits to careerealism.com

credits to careerealism.com

Just like a great personality. It does not come quickly. It was molded and reinforced through time. As stated by Christiane Holbrook, the founder of Sacred VA Institute, one can develop one’s personality through a constant and continuous effort. She said reading good books is a key to personality development. She encourages everyone to grab the chance to read kindle books given freely on Amazon. com. I learned from her, too, that being a virtual assistant also needs a well developed personality.

The work entails a different kind of pressure. Dealing with clients whom you meet only on virtual basis is in need of personalities with high emotional quotient. One has to learn to be assertive without being aggressive. It takes practice to do the best approach in any situation. Learning to speak up is a skill. An endearing virtual assistant not only delivers work but puts value into the work output.

Real beauty takes time. Virtual Assistants should give time for self development. Invest in yourself. Let your personality shine. Be a virtual assistant with a substance. Enhance the VA in you. It pays!


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