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Why I Love Forrest Gump

on March 28, 2013
courtesy of wallsave.com

courtesy of wallsave.com

Movies are the cheapest forms of relaxation. Movies of all kinds bring some kind of comfort. Through movies, one can see a view of how other places look like. It can widen one’s horizon about any topics. It evokes feelings and compassion. It encourages the mind to analyze and continue to wonder.

When it comes to movies, English films top my lists. I love the sound of their dialogues. It can help me in improving English communication skills. Real cool, isn’t it? I love the way climatic scenes were presented. And story keeps me guessing till the end. I have seen a lot of movies but Forrest Gump is my all time favorite.

Forrest Gump is a movie about a man who was diagnosed with an IQ of a moron. Despite of this, her mother loved and cared for him dearly that she even had to offer herself to the School Head just to allow him study in the University. Forrest Gump was portrayed by Tom Hanks. The role of the mother was portrayed by Sally Fields. Both of them gave justice to their roles.

I so love the movie because it was a romantic-comedy drama. I love its humour. Forrest Gump was so amusing in many scenes. I just couldn’t stop laughing when he played football and ran with the ball all the way out of the field. Just with the command, “Run, Forrest, run!”, he will so naively follow and this trait of him even made himself a hero.

It was a love story. One was that of the mother for her son. She supported her son through and through. She continued to encourage him and made him believe that he can do many things. Her words and warmth of a mother were the strength of her son.

Then, there was the son’s love for his mother. He listened to her mother and believed everything she said. Her words were his guiding light and wisdom. The last but not the least was the love of a simple brained man for a woman he admired since childhood. Sadly, this woman he loved so dearly could not reciprocate as expected. Naïve as he was, he continued to shower her with adulation and kindness. Such unconditional love he had for her.

The movie walked me through different eras as Forrest Gump made his way to adulthood until he got a chance to work in the army. I saw a glimpse of the hippie era, the effects of war and what changed it has brought to people. But still, it has not changed Forrest Gump. Even when he made a fortune out of the shrimps business that he made promise to a dying comrade and best friend. He remained the innocent, naïve, unassuming man that he was. Yet, he was full of wisdom.

“Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you will get” was the famous line I loved in the movie. So true!


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  1. Ruby says:

    Thank you TheGirl! More power to you! I like your blog site, too. 🙂

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