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Thank You 191!

on April 1, 2013

Yehey! What a joy! Can you feel it? Forgive my overwhelming expression of happiness. I just can’t contain this elation. Let me tell you why.

In exactly one month after I published my blog, it had a total of 191 views. This is truly amazing for a newbie like me. Others might find this shallow. Maybe others had more views. But for me, this is momentous. A milestone to be cherished.

I wasn’t expecting my blog to have more views this early on. Much more “like” the blog except for my close friends. But, boy, oh, boy! I got 191 views and some comments. What was truly fun and exciting for me was receiving a “thank you” or words of acknowledgement from other bloggers. And they were not just bloggers. Their blogs have substance. Reading through their blogs were inspiring and educational.

Wait there’s more! I also got “followed”. Isn’t that wonderful? Oh yeah! I am all smiles as I am writing this. My blog site turned one. And it has 191 views. Gee! It seems like I have a thing with number one.

To all the bloggers who brought me joy and inspiration, a big thanks! A toast to a better blog site! Happy Monthsary blog site! Cheers!

my site's one month stat record

my site’s one month stat record


3 responses to “Thank You 191!

  1. Tesha says:

    got a lot of catching up with your blogs.. Happy 191!

  2. Ruby says:

    Thanks Tesha! So glad to see you here! Cheers!!

  3. Ruby says:

    Thank you Laura Susanne, everydaypowerblog, jseeber, Carpe Diem Moments, Dominik Mikula, fullofrosesinspirationals, Glenn Folkes! You make my day brighter. 🙂 All the best!

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