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How to be an Indispensable Virtual Assistant

on April 6, 2013


courtesy of ehow.com

courtesy of ehow.com


What is a team? A team is said to have more than one person in it. It is a company of two or more people working together. The members do not work individually. Thus, members are called team members because of the need to do things together.

A team has a goal to achieve. This is the reason why a team member is needed. The success of the team is dependent on its team members. Is a virtual assistant a team member? Definitely.

The role of a virtual assistant is not only to carry out instructions. An indispensable virtual assistant is one who walks side by side with his client. He takes a proactive role. He is willing to take the risk or go for an extra mile for the sake of the team’s goal. .

courtesy of 123rf.com

courtesy of 123rf.com


The client and the virtual assistant are considered a team. They are on equal footing. VAs need to communicate what needs to be done or clarified. He is not just a “yes” person but someone who speaks his mind.

Vince Lombardi, an American coach, once said, “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work”. Well stated. Commitment turn into action makes an indispensable online professional.

Become THE team member now!


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