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Hello World! Welcome to my online home. Call me Rooh, your business partner.
My mission is to walk with you to the pinnacle of your success.

First, I am a researcher. I am basically a curious person. I dig facts and info for anything that caught my interest. Is there anything you want to search about? Hire me.

I like organizing facts and data. Encoding and typing everything in order makes online life easier. You crave for a better online output? Hire me.

I am thrilled about blogs. It never ceased to amaze me. I admire other people’s talents in writing and their manner of expression. You want your own blogsite? I can write. Try me.

I like photography. I enjoy capturing special moments and beautiful scenes and natural creations. Though at present I am just using a point and shoot digicam, I am glad with the output.

Offline, I am a licensed teacher and have been doing admin works. I do teacher trainings, too. This shows my patience, perseverance, discipline and dedication.

Let me work with you. Together we soar.


2 responses to “About

  1. Hi, Ruby. It is good to see you on the net via wordpress.com. Your blog, looking so simple yet elegant, is replete with posts well written, and your posts are observed to be a genuine expression and reflection of what and who you are. It is ginormously fantastic. Anyway, count me in, in your entire blogging experience as a follower of your blog and zero in on what you had already started. Mind you, your views will increase by more than 100%.

  2. Ruby says:

    Wow! Reading this made my morning brighter to the max. 🙂 Thanks so much, Danilo. I am so grateful for the kind words and encouragement. Mabuhay! Keep on writing.

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