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I have been away for quite some time. I was working on another aspect of my life which is teaching. I am back. And slowly, I will be blogging again. I missed this so much, this other world of mine. I did not give up…I just gathered more strength and inspirations. 🙂 I so love life! Thank you, Lord!

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Congratulations to Me!

jake's diploma

Graduation – a child’s joy, a mother’s pride.

Pride. That’s how I felt. It was a heavenly feeling. I knew it was coming but it still brought amazing feelings. My child has ended one phase in his school life and will soon have another beginning.
Getting a diploma is a big deal in one’s life. Thus, graduating with honors and awards is twice a blessing and a joy. My child finally did. And he did with flying colors.

Graduation – a time for reflection, a time for joy.

I am a single mom who unceasingly strived to survive what life has given. I have always compared it to a roller coaster ride. Literally, I would scream my troubles away. It was helping alright. But the real help was always faith in God above. Each minute of my life, God was with me, faithful to me no matter what.

Graduation – an ending and a beginning.

Here’s to the next chapter in my child’s life. It will be more challenging, more interesting and more rewarding as well. Just have to do the best you can as you enjoy life. As for me, you need not worry.

For every challenge on your way, I am your guide. For each interesting aspect of your life, I am here to cheer you on. For all your triumphs, I am with you in each celebration.

With gratitude, I guess it is right to say, congratulations to me!


Thank You 191!

Yehey! What a joy! Can you feel it? Forgive my overwhelming expression of happiness. I just can’t contain this elation. Let me tell you why.

In exactly one month after I published my blog, it had a total of 191 views. This is truly amazing for a newbie like me. Others might find this shallow. Maybe others had more views. But for me, this is momentous. A milestone to be cherished.

I wasn’t expecting my blog to have more views this early on. Much more “like” the blog except for my close friends. But, boy, oh, boy! I got 191 views and some comments. What was truly fun and exciting for me was receiving a “thank you” or words of acknowledgement from other bloggers. And they were not just bloggers. Their blogs have substance. Reading through their blogs were inspiring and educational.

Wait there’s more! I also got “followed”. Isn’t that wonderful? Oh yeah! I am all smiles as I am writing this. My blog site turned one. And it has 191 views. Gee! It seems like I have a thing with number one.

To all the bloggers who brought me joy and inspiration, a big thanks! A toast to a better blog site! Happy Monthsary blog site! Cheers!

my site's one month stat record

my site’s one month stat record


Dream On!

My Blog Stat

My Blog Stat

I feel good! How great it is to be appreciated and acknowledged. My wordpress site is only 25 days old and more than a hundred took time to visit it. Some even liked it. This is not bragging but I just want to share the joy I have. Putting up a blogsite is a dream to me. And this dream is coming true.

When I was younger, I watched a movie where in one of the main characters sang a song that endeared me. I have learned the song and memorized the lyrics. The lyrics say, “There are dreams that come from sorrow. There are dreams that come from pride. There are dreams that by tomorrow, we forget or set aside. So if you will keep on dreaming and believing what you see. So when life bears down upon you, it is the dream that sets you free”. I remember singing this unceasingly to the disgust of my siblings. They later joined me in singing it.

Since childhood, I am already a dreamer. I have big dreams. These dreams may take time to manifest. But what matters now is that I continue to dream. Dreams do come true, it can happen to me and you.

Keep on dreaming!

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A Whole New Road

A Whole New Road

This photo was taken at Nuvali, Calamba, Laguna, Philippines. The sight was refreshing and giving new hopes and dreams to anyone passing along.   The view was something to behold.

Just like in life, there are roads to take.  Choose well.  Views differ so learn to appreciate. It might not be a super smooth path but if it gives your heart’s desire, contributes goodness to others and builds your character, then it is a road worth taking.

Beginning today, I am faced with a “new road”.   This road is to make a difference the cybernet way.  This road is familiar but new to me.  It is challenging but fulfilling.  This road is my passport to making a difference not only to a few but to an  infinite number of  “roadtakers” like me.

Choose the path you want. Take the road you’re given.  Conquer it then with pride say, “Success at last!”

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