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Speed Typing Skill

How well do you know your keyboard? Does your finger touch the right keys?

Typing is a skill every VA must have. As we know, a VA job entails working on a keyboard. A VA job can be encoding, doing transcription, clerical works, article writing, spinning or plain email job handling. These jobs need typing skills. Not only just typing but to have an edge, a VA must have some speed doing the above tasks.

Speed defines your ability to do more than the expected outcome. Speed saves time so you can work on more opportunities. Sacred VA Institute training curriculum is so comprehensive that even training in speed typing skills is included.

I got curious about my speed in typing. So, I head on to the first speed typing test from http://www.typingmaster.com And boy, I was surprised. Take a look at the result of my first test.

Ruby's first typing test result

Ruby’s first typing test result

Exciting, isn’t it? And it also inspired me to practice more. Keep posted! The rest of my speed typing skill’s “journey” is yet to unfold. Go and try it!


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