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I Typed, I Touched, I Passed!

My, my, my! My curiosity paid off. My excitement to do the typing skills test left me craving for more. I finished all the lessons in one sitting. Through the Typingtrainer.com, I was able to know how my typing skills fared. Doing this test was really fun. It provides two lessons with many sub-lessons. Each test had a different focus like common words, difficult words and the like.

type 1

type 2

After doing the lessons which I did one after another, it was a joy to see that I passed. I proudly present to you my certificate.


However, the goal was to get 40 wpm and 95% accuracy. My skills were still short of the expectations. I did pass but I need to reach the standard skills and accuracy. My accuracy was only 88%. I got 36 wpm which was 4 points short of the word per minute (wpm) standard.

More practice then, I guess? Go and try it, too. Here is the link: http://www.typingmaster.com/ Good luck!


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